When not Yumeiho:

There are several containdications in presence of which Yumeiho manual therapy is not recommended. These include skin diseases, infections, eczema, burns and other manifestations which could spread or worsen. It should not be performed on regions which recently underwent a surgical procedure, until the tissue heals completely. Also, Yumeiho therapy should be avoided during menstruation.

Given the diversity of suffering and the particularity of its manifestations, as well as the evolution in each specific case, a precise list of contraindications cannot be devised.

Treatments are usually not performed on people who suffer from hemophilia, contagious diseases such as syphilis, tuberculosis or acute hepatitis C, on psychiatric patients (in cases of paranoia and similar conditions), on people with glaucoma, herpes zoster, inflammation of veins (phlebitis, thrombophlebitis, venous ulcers…) and spinal disc herniation in its acute phase.

Yumeiho therapy should not performed on a patiet that had a rich meal in the last two hours.

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When not  Yumeiho

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