How is Yumeiho therapy:

Yumeiho is a manual therapy based on the natural way of healing within which the main part is played by the hands of therapist. During Yumeiho manual therapy, along with the complete diagnostics, client receives the general and precise therapeutic massage, passive workout and mild manual treatment of the spine, pelvis, hips and mild manipulation of joints along the whole body.

Yumeiho manual therapy starts with an easy warmup of the body through the stretching exercises. This is enacted through the pressure of the palms, elbows, forearms, knees and soles. All workouts go to the limit of the physical maximum, natural stretchability and pain. In the other part of the massage, all the acupressure points along the meridians of the body are stimulated, and the manipulations of the joints are done. Fixing and lodging of the joints is the special form of manipulation towards the elimination of the blocade of the joint. Manipulation is the expert therapeutic practice by which a joint is driven into its normal position. It is done by a short, sudden jerk. The jerk is usually followed by a characteristic sound.

Even though the manual therapy of Yumeiho is done through the by now already stabilised principles, the enactment of this therapy is absolutely different on each patient and the approach is highly individualised. The therapist adapts to different sensibilities, and the duration of the massage is therefore individually set.

The therapy takes place over the natural fiber or a cotton suit, exclusively on the floor, lying on the mat, aside from the few interventions performed in a sitting, standing or kneeling position.

Depending on the specific problem, therapy lasts for 3 to 10 treatments. If the patient has greater issues, it usually takes more treatment, depending on how the body reacts.

The Yumeiho treatment lasts for about an hour, depending on the complexity of the patient's problems.

After Yumeiho manual therapy, the passing reactions of the body are possible. The patient is advised to drink enough water after the treatment (as well as in general).

Yumeiho massage is an enormous help to athletes because it relaxes the muscles, strenghtens the circulation and solves the problems with ligaments and joints. The same goes for the older people – therapy can solve problems involving weak circulation, not enough physical activity, bad posture and other life-long accumulated problems.

Unfortunately, people most often come only when problems already present themselves, and something starts to hurt, whereas the best possible impact of the therapy can be expect if performed preventively.

For children and pregnant women:

Therapy can be performed in very young children, from 4 months onwards, if parents notice there is an asymmetry in the position of the body or, for instance, curvature of the head towards one side. Such problems in very young children can be solved in 2 or 3 treatments. The organism of a child reacts extraordinarily fast to Yumeiho therapy, and for easier problems children usually need only 1 treatment, while adults tend to need more.

Yumeiho is reccomended at scoliotic posture which is often an issue at children, and which can long-term cause problems with bile and liver, because of the uneven burden on one side of the body. Child with a scoliotic posture does not have a deformed spine, but only carries him or herself improperly. By Yumeiho certain muscles in the child can relax, while other are led to contract in order for the body to reach the normal posture. Yumeiho is of great help to pregnant women as well, because given the weight of the belly, they tend to have problems with their back. Since the belly grows during pregnancy, the pivot changes, causing pain in the back, and neck, and possibly headaches and alike. Same in pregnancy as in other cases: it is always better to act preventively, and to start having treatments before the problems present themselves. For instance, if, given the widening of the pelvic bones, the pregnant woman experiences the pressure to the muscles, weakening of the circulation and contraction of the veins, therapy aims at alleviating pain and correcting the disturbance of the balance. If the pregnant woman came to the massage earlier, such problems could have been avoided.

How is  Yumeiho

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