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History of Yumeiho therapy:

The founder of Yumeiho manual therapy is Masayuki Saionji. He was born in 1943 in Tokyo, Japan. After having spent many years studying diverse traditional Oriental manual healing methods in Japan, China and other countries of the far east, in 1978 Masayuki Saionji selected the best techniques according to him and created a new structured method of healing – Yumeiho therapy. As a basis for theis method, Masayuki chose the Chinese therapy known as Zheng Ti Fa (translated as “healing of the whole“). He finished a massage school Nihon Shiatsu Senmon Gakko in Tokyo and acquired a licence for the master in Shiatsu massage in 1983, which  gained him the recognition as a Japanese master of manual therapy accorded by Japanese Ministry of Health. In the year 1987, he founded the International Institute for Preventive Medicine in Tokyo. There are eight Yumeiho clinics in Japan. Yumeiho is practiced in the Central Airforce Hospital in Moscow. In 1994, traditional medicine of the Russian Ministry of Health's Research Institute awarded him the honourable title of the doctor of traditional medicine. From 1989 to 2004 Masayuki visited over 40 countries, where he worked on the popularization of the Yumeiho therapy, and training practitioners outside Japan. International Institute for Preventive Medicine today has over three thousand associates which have finished Yumeiho seminars in various parts of the world.

History of Yumeiho

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